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“I had no idea that my role was best practice” Pernod Ricard

“We’ve already booked a meeting to get started on our Point of Sales Digital strategy…” Frucor

“Great processes and tools to look at all the facets that influence the brands within their category. We got a good understanding of how to assess the category and what we need to be good at to win in the categories we compete in.” Campbell’s Soups

“A better way of approaching strategy development.” Arnott’s Biscuits

“Got me thinking more strategically about brands and what drives innovation.” Phillip Morris

“I’ve seen planning processes before but we now have a better understanding.” Phillip Morris

“We really like the fact that B4P was attentive to our particular needs and willing to spend time debriefing us. We felt we could approach the consultants and bounce our ideas off them and get constructive feedback. Very thorough.” 

“Highlighted some very important areas our organisation needs to focus on.”

“Learning from other participants in the study (even under confidentiality) was very useful.” 

“Good presentation and very engaging.” 

“A much more thorough way to integrate Sales and Marketing strategy than we have seen before.” Tiger Brands

“We knew we were good, but we were surprised at how good we were.” GlaxoSmithKline

“Fifty per cent of the work streams we already had in place, but it was reassuring to learn that we had got these close to best-practice. The other 50% we had a way to go on but are now more focused and prioritised…” PepsiCo/FritoLay

“There were a couple of growth drivers that we just had not resourced accordingly. When we saw how other companies had structured and resourced to take advantage of these, it was a good wake-up call and allowed us to take mental steps together.” L’Oreal

“People say that our company only knows what our company knows, and they’re right. But now we have examples from other firms to give us a wake-up call and a call to action.” Unilever

“Traditionally, we have prided ourselves upon being very efficient in Field Sales, but in fact we had become over-bureaucratic.” Johnson&Johnson

“We were delighted when we found that we had the fastest payback on the investment in our new Field Sales tool.” Cadbury

“We always assumed we were being outspent by our competitors and that they had very deep pockets. In fact we now know, looking at averages and high/lows for spend across a range of indicators, that we are in fact ahead of the curve and above-average. That is a sacred cow that has held us back in many areas, that is now well and truly addressed.” British American Tobacco

“This research has cut through and eliminated a lot of meetings and debates about investment amounts that we would have had, and saved us a couple of years of procrastination.” Energizer

“We’ve been talking about this stuff for years, but now we have a fact-based data set on which to proceed.” 

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